Author Interview on S.J. Sawyer

Author Interview with S.J. Sawyer!!!


Welcome Everyone!

Today We are VERY lucky to be interviewing S.J. Sawyer!!!

ARABB: Hi S.J. Sawyer, thank you for agreeing to this interview. So tell us a little bit about yourself an your background?

Sawyer: I am a twenty something author/photographer who lives in southern Oklahoma. I have a husband and three children: eighteen, five, and two (our eighteen year old is adopted!) I’ve been a writer all my life, always keeping secret stashes of notebooks around. Oops! Guess that one is out of the bag! I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature that took me five years to acquire thanks to my nasty habit of changing majors.

ARABB: So what books have you written?

Sawyer: Currently, I have four published books. Sealed series: Sealed, Teased, and Severed (a series novella). Like A Lady serial: Big Girl Panties. Sealed is now available free on Amazon and Google Play. Severed is also free, but it is not a full length novel (and should only be read after Teased to prevent spoilers!). It is actually a compilation of excerpts originally posted to my website as a gift to all the Kreed Jones lovers out there.

ARABB: Don’t we all LOVE FREE books!!! What Genre are your books?

Sawyer: Sealed series is contemporary romance while Like A Lady is New Adult. Having said that, my writing style is completely character led. Sealed series contains stories from various characters’ points of view, and because of their different personalities, some books are more explicit than others.

ARABB: What hobbies do you have?

Sawyer: Obviously, I’m a reader and writer. I think that is first and foremost a hobby because it is done for pleasure. As I stated in my bio section, I’m also a photographer. I love taking the perfect image for someone, capturing their life moment and preserving it.

ARABB: OK So, what are you Favorite TOP 5 Books?

Sawyer: Wow–I only get five! How is a book girl supposed to answer that? I’m going to cheat just a bit and include whole series because I can’t really pick one from the series…that just is NOT fair to the others!

Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen
The Song of Ice and Fire series (also known to most as Game of Thrones…haha)-George R.R. Martin
The Time Traveler’s Wife-Audrey Niffenegger
With Me in Seattle series-Kristen Proby
Too Far series-Abbi Glines

ARABB: Dang good list of books!!! I know it is hard just to pick only 5! So, what is your favorite book quotes?

Sawyer: In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you–Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (I’m sure you are noticing the theme by now…haha!)

Please, just call it big. Don’t call it pretty. That hurts its feelings.–Rush Finlay, Forever Too Far, Abbi Glines

Nat, how do you spell orgasm?
You don’t spell it, you feel it.–The Montgomery Girls, Play With Me, Kristen Proby

There’s also a certain quote that I love from Fifty Shades of Gray involving paperwork, but I’m not going to quote it. I’m sure you know it!

ARABB: Of Course we know that FSOG quote! I love it too!! While we talking books, do you think that a Cover on a book plays an important part in the buying process?

Sawyer: YES! I am a cover girl. If I like the cover, I’ll read the book. I’m not really a blurb reader because I know how forced that can be for an author. I am awful at selling my books through a blurb because those few words are so nerve wracking for me. Because of that, my blurbs tend to be short, sweet and to the point. I have been sidetracked, though, so back to covers…I think covers are very important to marketing a book. They seem to set the tone for the book. I also love teaser images (hunting for ever in search of the right image to match the characters and the quotes!) and really enjoy creating both.

ARABB: Yea, Im the kinda girl that looks at covers before I even read the blurb! For your own reading pleasure, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper back books?

Sawyer: I prefer a paper back, but having younger children, it is much more convenient to have an ebook. Sadly, I’m almost completely reading on ebook these day.

ARABB: Sad to say I like my ebooks better because I can carry more than one book on my Kindle lol! Do you have a Book Boyfriend???? If so who and from what book?

Sawyer: I’m claiming dibs on Trevor Rossi (Sealed series) because he came from my head, and therefore, he’s mine. I’m also claiming dibs on Mr. Darcy and Rush Finlay because they are amazing book boyfriends! I’ll share, though.

ARABB: MMMM good choices!! How about Do you have a Crush on a Certain Model or Actor? If so who?

Sawyer: I have mad love for Ian Somerholder on many, many levels…the least of which is not his gorgeous, smoldering eyes and philanthropic heart. It’s a killer combination. I’m a huge Vampire Diaries/Originals fan. So, naturally, I also love Joseph Morgan. Hmm, maybe I just have a thing for “misunderstood” bad, boys!

ARABB: Oh you naughty girl with your “misunderstood Bad Boyz”!! What is your current Work in Progress and if you have one can you tell us about it??

Sawyer: I have several projects that I’m actively working on, and I have several projects that are simmering in the back of my mind for next year! I’m working on the rest of the Like A Lady serial. There will be four parts total, and the second, Hide Your Crazy, will release in early May. I am also working on the next installments of the Sealed series, Secured and Tethered. They will go live in June.

ARABB: oooo <<Rubbing my Hands together>> cant wait to read your future works!! Thank you so much for being with us today and taking time away from writing to do this interview! If the fans would like to follow you do you have any links you can share with them?

Sawyer: I love when people stalk me, but be warned, I might stalk you back! I love connecting with other readers because I really, really enjoy the reading experience.
My website is (you can sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay tuned in to all things awesome in the world of S.J.!).
Facebook Page
or you can friend me because pages are awful these days
Amazon Author
Also, I have a group for all things me: S.J.’s Sweet Tarts. I would love for you to be a Tart, too!

***** S.J. Sawyer was nice enough to give us a sneak peak from her work in progress. They haven’t been shown, it really is a sneak peak 😉 We feel so honored to be able to share this with everyone!!!! ******


Teasers From her other books out now:

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