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Title: Letters Written In White
Author: Kathryn Perez
Genre: Magical Realism
Book Blitz: November 30 – December 2
Release Date: November 30, 2015
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I’m dead.

I’m cold and alone and I’m dead. There’s no air in my lungs. My chest is as cold and hollow as a cave on a snow-capped mountain side. My heart no longer beats there. Frigid winds whistle through my ribs and the sadness inside me weeps like my favorite tree.

Days ago, I met with death face to face. The mirror, our meeting place. My two darkened green eyes stared deeply into hers. I tilted my head to the side. She did too.

“It’s time,” I whispered.

“It’s time,” she whispered.

And with that I turned away from her, the woman in the mirror who knew all of my secrets and all of my pain. I walked away from her and yet we’d never been closer than we were in that moment. The inner struggle was over. No more arguing with the woman in the mirror. No more arguing with myself. The choice was made. She was the victor. Or was I?

That was the day Riah Winter died.

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I don’t even know where to begin. Ever read something so profound, so honest that you wish you could hug the author for putting it out there? That is this novel.

“Lying is my gift to everyone around me.”

I am speechless. Utterly speechless. I finished reading LWIW, then went about my day. I found myself at a store and I noticed a women, completely put together… except… she was wearing such a sad look on her face. She looked up and saw me looking and her mask instantly slipped back into place. Isn’t that how a lot of us are? Just floating through life with a mask on our face, when deep down we wish someone would understand.

After reading Letters Written in White, I know that the very things I’m afraid to admit… others feel them, too. Kathryn Perez put into words all those things that we don’t allow ourselves to feel. All those emotions that we’re embarrassed about, she shows us that we aren’t alone.

“… in life we never know the battles others are facing. We don’t know the demons they are hiding. Everyone you have ever met is fighting something.”

I love how raw and truthful Letters Written in White is. It shows that Kathryn isn’t afraid to take a risk and write those things that need to be heard. Those are the type of qualities that set her apart. She takes the tough subject matter and puts it on pages like poetry.

My heart hurts, but I feel lighter.

You are enough. And, you aren’t alone

5 out of 5 stars


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Kathryn Perez

Kathryn lives in her small East Texas hometown with her family. She ‘s a music infused writer and self-proclaimed book junkie. When she isn’t listening to music, writing or reading you’ll probably find her watching her favorite sport, UFC.
Kathryn is also an anti-bullying advocate and avid supporter of mental-illness and suicide awareness.
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